Our team’s combined high level of skills in the travel industry will ensure your travel plans are in safe & experienced hands.   We believe we have our fingers on the pulse of tourists who are looking for adventures & experiences.  Our aim is to showcase the best of our beautiful island home to every guests that chooses to visit our fair shores.

Manjula Fernando is a naturalised Australian citizen and Founder of Dish Sri Lankan Street Food Restaurant in Glebe and Dish Dining & Events.  He has a great love for his homeland Sri Lanka and a great appreciation of what Sri Lanka has to offer Australian Travellers seeking adventure and new experiences.

Manjula saw that the natural progression to expand his business was to founder Sri Lankan Travels. He has partnered with solid on the ground staff in Sri Lanka who will walk the extra mile to ensure your stay in Sri Lanka is hassle free and seamless.

Sri Lankan Travels have put together some exciting experiences for you to choose. We have also included a Culinary tour package that will take you to different parts of the island, cooking & tasting the food of the region demonstrated by authentic regional cooks.

Nothing is too small or too big to make happen it for you! We will do what it takes to ensure that all your expectations are met.

We have negotiated with the best of the best when it comes to transport and accommodation.

When you choose to engage with us to design a tour for you, or to take up one of our tour packages, we accept your trust and use our expertise to deliver to our promise.

Sri Lankan Travels is committed to making memories with you in Sri Lanka!

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